10 Amazing Benefits Of Pomegranate For Your Skin And Hair

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Apart from staying fit and healthy, we all agree that maintaining the appearance of skin and hair is among our topmost priorities. Don’t we?

Most of us reach out to chemical beauty and hair care products to obtain the desired results. But, who would have thought that eating some fruit will solely help in getting the same results naturally?

From a little sour to sometimes being fairly sharp in taste, pomegranate fruit will help in keeping skin problems at bay. Although they might not look appealing from the outside, the moment it is ripped off, the crystal clear red color of seeds which tastes absolutely delicious – can prove to be very useful for your skin and hair care. Know how?

skin and hair care

Keep on scrolling to know the topmost benefits of pomegranate!

Pomegranate for Skin

Eating pomegranate regularly plays a major role in transforming the appearance of your skin since it is packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, which are important nutrient to enhance the skin health along with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. These are the best skin and hair care tips.

• Helps to look younger

Everyone wishes for younger and fresh looking skin but spending a lot of money on beauty products is not at all a good idea. Why not take a smart move by starting eating pomegranate and get naturally glowing skin?

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As discussed above, pomegranate is a rich source of vitamin C which helps to reduce the wrinkles and builds collagen, highly responsible for delaying skin’s aging. The benefits of pomegranate do not stop here, packed with antioxidants like Proanthocyanidins and flavonoids which supports in slowing down the skin aging effects to give younger-looking skin.

skin and hair care

• Remove blemishes

Stop spending your valuable money in buying face masks rather invest in buying pomegranates and make homemade facemasks. Enriched with vitamin C, the pomegranate facemask will help in reducing acne, dark spots, pimples and gives a brighter complexion naturally.

Below are the most common facemasks that you can make up of pomegranate:

 Pomegranate and honey:

Make soft, glowing skin and prevent dark spots.

 Pomegranate and lemon:

Make fresh skin, treats hyperpigmentation and increases the complexion.

 Pomegranate and yogurt (Greek or plain):

Make skin softer and bright

 Pomegranate and green tea:

Removes acne and makes the skin brighter.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for making homemade facemask:

 Make a paste of pomegranate seeds.

 Mix it with another skincare ingredient as per your choice

 Gently apply it on your face in round motions.

 Wait for 20-25 min to let it dry then wash off with lukewarm water to get the best results.

skin and hair care

• Act as a skin-protector

Pomegranate consists of ellagic acid which protects you against harmful UV rays, sunburns, and free radicals. Benefits of eating pomegranates extend into treating hyperpigmentation as well to give clear and fair complexion. Apart from this, pomegranate also plays a significant role in eliminating the factors which cause skin cancer.

If done properly, juicing can be the best alternative in case you find it inconvenient to extract out the seeds. If you want to avail extra benefits of pomegranate, then drink fresh and natural cold-pressed pomegranate juice. Otherwise, enjoy regular juicing at home.

• Treats Dry skin

The pomegranate incorporates punicic acid which has the ability to provide enough moisture to the skin and hydrates it well to prevent any dryness of the skin. If you are the one who suffers from dry skin, increase the intake of pomegranate externally or internally.

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Pomegranate for Hair

The benefits of eating pomegranate have a long list. Who doesn’t wish for long and shiny hair? But how to get them is the real deal.

The dust and pollution worsen the condition even more as it causes excessive damage to the hair and results in baldness, scalp irritation, hair fall, etc.

But, No worries! Pomegranate is here to cure all your problems. Let’s find out

skin and hair care

• Promotes strong hair

Packed with antioxidants, eating pomegranate leads to strong hair follicles which in turn causes strong and thick hair with fast hair growth. The presence of vitamins and minerals in pomegranate also provide nourishment to the hair. It has the ability to increase the blood circulation of the scalp as well.

• Makes frizz-free hair

The pomegranate seed oil is a great substitute to treat curly, wavy and dry hair. Use pomegranate oil extracted out from the seeds every day to get rid of tangled and frizzy hair. Other than this, it also makes the hair smoother and silkier. Here are the best skin and hair care tips and tricks for all.

To improve the quality of hair use pomegranate homemade hair masks. Either add lemon or yogurt with the pomegranate paste to enhance the quality of the hair. These are the best skin and hair care tips and tricks.

• Gives natural shine

Pomegranate consists of punicic acid which adds natural shine and makes the hair appear naturally glossy. When the oil is taken out from the pomegranate seeds and mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil, it encourages soft, smooth and shiny lengthy hair. What more you can expect out of a fruit?

Always remind that since every body type, skin or hair is different. There might be a possibility that a few tips mentioned above do not suit you in some case. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with the concerned doctor for a safer side before starting up with any skincare or hair care tips.
Do let me know how you guys are using pomegranate for your skin and hair care in the comment section!

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