10 Weight Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

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In this materialistic world, where people are too busy in judging the book by its cover, it is very tough to survive because no matter how hard you try to behave normal and calm, some people just won’t think twice before crushing your emotions under their feet. This article is all about weight loss myths.

When it comes to crushing the emotions, it’s very important to share a global report that in the year 2016 the recorded percentage of overweight adults in the world was 13% and the number is keeping on increasing.

weight loss myths

Why the Phrase “Crushing the Emotions” Is Used?

The deep pain hidden behind this phrase can only be felt by those overweight people who face a lot of derogatory and offensive words from the people around them on the daily bases. For others, it’s very easy and simple to call any overweight person with funny names but the people who are using such harsh and rude words, just to make fun of others, should sit down for a moment and take their phone out of their pocket and with the front camera on, should take a better look of themselves and then they will realize how they look. But, still, that overweight person is not using any derogatory word to hurt that fun making a person’s feelings. This is a complete guide about weight loss myths.

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It is not because he can’t do that but he doesn’t want to use his words just to hurt someone’s feeling, and this is why ‘crushing someone’s emotions’ should be avoided because this will help you to be more human and the feeling of humility will start growing in you.

weight loss myths

Weight Loss: Breaking the Myth no. 1

Keith Thomas Ayoob, Ed.D., R.D., F.A.N.D., a registered dietitian and a professor says that it’s not about what you are eating, its all about ‘How Much’ you are having it. No one can give up on their favorite food and every other person whom you meet and talk about weight loss suggest you to ‘Stop taking carbs and sweets’ because this is what is making you overweight. But according to Professor Keith, the quantity of food intake should be measured but completely blocking your body from taking carbs and sweets is definitely not going to take you anywhere.

So, the first myth breaks here that you may take your favorite food but in limit and measured quantity.

weight loss myths

Wrecking the Myth no.2 of false Advertisement

To Lose This Much KG in a week or two, Buy This Now

Every one must have noticed this kind of advertisement on TV or newspaper, but are they worth your attention?

No, they aren’t worth even little attention of yours because no supplement or weight loss drugs can decrease your weight overnight. So, kick this myth no. 2 out of your life.

Crushing the Crash Diet Myth no. 3

We are surrounded by a lot of so-called self-proclaimed health gurus and they even bet that their health tips can even help Superman and Batman, then it will be like a piece of cake for them to guide common man. When they will start advising you regarding your health, the very first thing would be “Go on a diet” and some of them even suggest others to go on “Crash diet.”

weight loss myths

Health expert Ken Immer exposes these type of clowns by sharing very basic and fundamental advice. Instead of getting into the trap of Crash Diet, try to alter those edibles from your diet that are hampering your body for real and that too gradually not like Nike “Just do it.”

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According to a global study, the weight loss after a crash diet is not more than just a short term solution and your body will easily gain weight very soon. But, instead of this, if you would help yourself with a more serious and a significant diet plan and follow that for a longer period then, this diet plan will help you systematically lose weight. These are the main weight loss myths.

Breaking the ‘No Booze’ Myth no. 4

Experts say that drinking two drinks a day won’t increase your weight. But, You should not exceed that limit.

weight loss myths

Time to Break the GYM Myth No. 5

Nowadays a lot of people are heading towards the gym just to get themselves in shape and for them, the ultimate meaning of ‘losing weight’ starts and end at the door of the gym. But, according to experts, a 30-minute walk after having dinner or after waking up in the morning can help you transform your body without even hitting the gym.

Crunching the Myth no. 6 of Cutting the Carbs

You have to digest this very simple fact and that is, “your body needs calories’ and if you feel that you will not be eating anything and try to control your hunger, for as long as possible then you’re wrong. Because later in the evening you will end up overeating and this will surely increase your weight.

weight loss myths

Point no. 7 Is Enough to Eliminate One More Weight loss Myths

There’s nothing more powerful than your will power and if you manage to work according to that and start paying attention to yourself, then you will never fall into the trap of any weight loss supplement. This practice will help you get the desired results.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Weight loss Myths No. 8

When you involve yourself with such an extreme form of exercise, it impacts your physical and mental state too, because this type of intense workout exhaust your body and this condition may cause a lot of damage to you.

weight loss myths

Bursting the Metabolism Speeding Up Myth With Point no. 9

To keep your body alive and organs function normally like digestion, repairing body cells and breathing are the chemical processes that keep on going inside your body can be described as metabolism.
All these processes require energy to perform and the amount of energy varies according to age, genes, gender, and body size.

Few people claim that there are some drinks and certain kind of foods are available in the market to increase your metabolism and help you reduce some weight. But you should also keep an important fact in mind that these kinds of drinks and foods can also increase the level of caffeine and sugar in your body, which is not good for your body at all and that too when you’re trying to lose the weight.

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Bashing the “No Snacks” Weight loss Myths no.10

There is a very common rumor that if you are looking forward to losing some weight, then you should quit eating snacks.

But, experts say that it’s not about the snacks, it is about the kind of snacks you are eating throughout your day. So, instead of opting for those oily and super spicy snacks, you need to switch yourself to baked ones.

Indeed, people nowadays are becoming more and more aware of their health and this kind of concern helps them to define their lifestyle. But, instead of becoming the part of a rat race, we should do a little research before believing in any myth.

weight loss myths

Summary :

Are you looking for some really important weight loss tips? Explore this article to know more about the myths related to weight loss and things should be done to lose those extra pounds.

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