15 Top Natural Healthy Hair Care Tips And Tricks 2019 Every Girl Should Know

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Beautiful skin provides beauty to us but on the other hand, our hairs are also playing a significant role in enhancing beauty and attraction. For enhancing the beauty and to attract everybody the hairs should be long and shiner. To get the best hairs every girl tries many tips. For that purpose, we are providing many hair care tips.

Hair fall is the major problem which can be faced by anyone at any time and did not find a suitable reason why this has happened. Everyone is too much conscious about their hairs growth and thickening of hairs. Here we have some healthy hair tips to protect your hairs from thinning, breaking and drying out.

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Instead of using chemicals or expensive products girls prefer to use natural products which are more beneficial and also have no side effects. We have rounded up natural hair care tips and hair growth for the girls how to make your hair grow faster who want cheaper and natural remedies for hairs.

1: Use Lavender Oil For Long and Shinier Hair:

Lavender oil is beneficial in eliminating dandruff, heals minor scalp and prevents scalp acne. For long hairs mix, olive oil in the lavender oil for shinier hair add some coconut oil for getting longer and shinier hairs this remedy will work wonders.

healthy hair tips

2: Conditioning Of Dry Scalp with Coconut Oil:

With a healthy scalp, your hairs will get a good shine, strength, and texture. For that purpose, coconut oil is the best conditioner that prevents your scalp from dryness. This is the best treatment for those girls who have questioned how to make hair grow faster. These are the best Hair Care Tips ever.

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3: Mask for Beautiful Hairs:

For the effective growth of hairs, massage your hairs with castor oil and leave it overnight. Also, take the juice of two potatoes, add honey and yolk of an egg. Mix these will and apply at the tips of your hairs for an hour. After that wash your hair with shampoo. This will provides you wonderful effects.

healthy hair tips

4: Don’t Wash Hairs Too Much:

Although washing hairs is good but washing your hairs daily is not effective. As using shampoo daily can remove natural oil and dry out your scalp so, daily washing not good for hairs. These are some awesome working hair tips for girls and women.

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5: Trim Hair:

Trimming is important for hairs as this will increase the growth of hairs quickly. Trimming is beneficial in giving your hairs healthy looks and prevents from splitting ends. Split hairs can damage the hairs so for that purpose trimming is necessary as this will helps in enhancing the beauty of your hairs. For those girls who are looking for the best solution of how to make your hair grow.

how to make your hair grow faster

6: Protecting Your Hairs:

Protection of hairs is too much necessary for good hairs but many girls before going outside neglect it. It is important when the outside weather is dusty or harsh, put on scarf or hat on your head. Forgetting the advantage of these awesome hair care tips.

how to make your hair grow faster

7: Don’t Brush Hairs Too Much:

Brushing hairs too much can cause fall of hairs. Don’t brush your hairs all the time. Brush hairs with soft hairs and also comb softly. When the hairs are wet, don’t brush your hairs hardly.

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8: Warm Oil Massage:

Oiling your hairs is too much effective for relaxation and long, shiny, soft hairs. But doing massage with warm oil will be more advantageous. Massage your hairs from the roots with warm oil and waiting for half an hour is best and wok wonders. This remedy will provide long. Shiny and healthy hairs.

how to make your hair grow fasters

9: Take Proteinaceous Diet:

For having good health and beautiful looks best diet should be there proteinaceous diet is important for having long, healthy and shiny hairs. The protein containing things are eggs, milk, meat and many dairy products like yogurt keratin protein is the major component for increasing hair growth.

how to make your hair grow faster

10: Using Curry Leaves For Hairs:

Nature has provided for us many wonderful things that give the best results. One of them is the curry leaves which are best for hairs. Applying curry externally onto your hairs will give you long, black and shiny hairs. Within a few months, you can mix powdered curry leaves in hair oil and massage your hairs. Curry leaves will give nourishment to hair follicles and hair roots.

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11: Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth:

For extracting juice from onion, blend it and then squeeze it with your hands. Onion juice is too much beneficial for your hairs. Applying onion juice onto your hairs will provide best results with hair care tips. Onion improves blood circulation and enhances the production of collagen tissues which is necessary for hair growth.

healthy hair tips

12: Using Olive Oil for Thickness:

Olive oil is the best way for softening and thickening of your hairs. Massage your hair with warm olive oil or use it with honey both remedies can be effective.

healthy hair tips

13: Eggs for Healthy and Long Hairs:

Eggs are the best protein containing food for getting long and thick hairs. Eating eggs or Applying eggs on to your hairs at the roots will be too much effective for your hairs.

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14: Henna Leaves:

For getting rid of many of the hair problems henna leaves are the best one. These not only give natural color but also helps in making them thicker, softer. You can use this as making powder of henna leaves, adding some water and make a paste. Leave the paste for some time and then apply on to your hairs. After a few hours wash your hairs with hair growth shampoo.

healthy hair tips

15: Using Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is one of the best natural ingredient used for the thickening of hair. It helps in moisturizing and balancing PH of the scalp Aloe Vera gel can be directly applied onto your hairs and then after some time, wash hairs with Luke warm water. This is the best homemade remedy for hairs.

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