earn money with smartphone

It is possible to make money online by Smartphone. Today, we havEarn Money With Smartphone 10 Easy Ways(Opens in a new browser tab)e several kinds of online jobs available for those who really want to do something different And earn money with smartphone.

Earn Money With Smartphone method & has its own pros & cons and therefore you have to select the most appropriate methods from which you can earn money quite comfortably. Some of the best methods of online money making without any efforts include:


1] Google Opinion Rewards – Just installed this Google’s app and they keep sending surveys which can earn Rupees within 1–2 minutes.This is my current balance. Although it pays peanuts, I literally don’t need to do anything. I have almost earned more than Rs 2000 using this app. I bought books, points in games, movies, and paid versions of premium apps. Hence, a win-win situation for me.

2] Google Local Guides – Another Google product. I am a Level 7 Local guide on Google maps and this is my passive earning of last month

Mind you, this earning continues even if I stop contributing now. But let me tell you that you will get much less amount of money as compared to perks from Google Maps. Some perks include free bus rides every month, promo codes, discounts at hotels, restaurants, etc. We even get access to beta modes of all Google products before their official launch.

3] Instagram promotions – I run a page which has over 4k followers. I promoted a lot of Instagram pages, local brands, businesses, websites, apps, and other things. Most of the times I received their products for free but got cash as well.

4] Paid to Click (PTC) websites – Like a typical teenager, I was once desperate for having some extra income source. So when I searched, some websites pay you to click on their links. I did some unethical tasks in that but soon stopped that. This task includes heavy sharing and spamming but if it goes viral, you can earn a lot.

5] App Reviews – I mostly write about Technology and I am one of the most viewed writers on the topic of Mobile Applications on Quora. Companies often approached me for testing and writing reviews on the Google play store. They pay for that.

6] Video/content streaming apps – There are some apps and browsers which pay you to watch the content on their apps. Those are some normal YouTube videos being streamed but you get advertisements. They pay for those ads. I even tried this way.What is Digital Marketing and How Do I Get Started?(Opens in a new browser tab)

7] App Referrals – Some apps pay in their early stages for sharing and promoting their apps. I did that a lot when I was a teenager.

I am sorry to all my friends or contacts to whom I spammed the referral links of various apps. I used to do that on Whatsapp but trust me, I have stopped that now. I don’t spam anyone anymore.

8] Trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies – I started trading in early 2017. The Bitcoin was not a mainstream talk then, cryptos were cheap. When it started getting attention, I used to trade a lot using my phone only. I can say, the highest amount I made using my phone was due to cryptocurrencies.

9] Trading in Stock markets – I am new to this game now. Recently started investing in stocks and did a few investments. I am not looking at short term goals but as proper investments for the long term. Everything using a phone. So, let’s hope for the best results out.10 Ways to Earn Money Online from the Internet(Opens in a new browser tab)

10] Google Tez, Phonepe, PayTM – These apps pay huge cash backs or promo codes. I have even taken cash, recharged someone’s account and collected the cash backs. Google Tez even gives scratch cards. So I just transfer money to my friend’s account and asked him to send me back. Collected those scratch cards and earned hundreds for no reason at all.