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What is the difference between ready and set up?
Ready is very general purpose. Are you ready? It’s ready to go. I’m finally ready to get married. Set up refers only to cases where something needs to be done to prepare for use. For example, a desktop computer needs to be set up before someone can use it. The bank account needs to be set up as well. The idea is that anything “set up” or the process of “setting something up” needs a person, or a few people, to put time into making something ready. It’s an active process. Ready can be passive.

Translations of “Ready”
How do you say this in English (UK)? It’s ready for you now It probably depends on the context. Eg if it’s a restaurant or a dress shop etc, your house or a company. You could use the phrase ‘Your is ready’ and add another word eg food/order/computer/tickets etc? To make it more polite you can put their name or full name at the beginning of the sentence eg Mrs Smith. For a more casual sentence you can say hi or nothing at all. eg in my house my mum might shout ‘Dinner’s ready!’

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