Advantages of Investing

Investing can be an interesting option, even a smart move. Do you have doubts about investing? We understand that like no other. But do you want to increase your chances of growing your money? Then investing might be perfect for you.

Investing is a powerful means to grow your money. You open new possibilities for yourself.



You can do it all by yourself, but it is also easy to do it together with experts. You then outsource the day-to-day management of your investments.


Of course, there are risks associated with investing. The value of your investments may fall. It is therefore always smart to invest for a longer period.


Then you have a better chance that any decreases will be made up later. So the longer you stretch the ‘investment horizon’, the greater the chance of a positive return.


You might be curious whether investing will be right for you or not. On a starting level, we suggest you not to invest large amounts. For example, you can also regularly deposit a smaller amount. Determine if investing is for you by asking yourself the following questions:


For what purpose do you want to invest? Are you going to invest for yourself or for others around you, such as your children? Are you investing for later, and how much later? This is how you determine your investment horizon.

What suits you? Think of your income, family situation, and financial obligations such as a (purchase) home. These matters are important when considering how much money you could invest. And how much risk you want to take.

What do you think is important? Do you want to keep it simple? Investing based on a certain conviction with a personal investment plan? Or you might like to follow trends.

Investing is all about Return, risk, and costs. The following applies: investments where you can expect a higher return are riskier. But whichever investment you choose, it is never without risk. If you invest, you can always lose (part of) your investment. And also good to check before you start: the costs associated with investing.

You can influence the risks you run yourself. If you want to start investing, good preparation is therefore important. And that starts with answering the questions below.

Spreading your investments is the most important thing you can do to limit the risks. Because then you also spread the risks. You can spread investments over different investment categories (stocks, bonds, real estate).

But you can also spread within that. You can buy stocks from different sectors or bonds with different maturities. Investing in investment funds is also a practical way to spread your investments.

Keep in mind that one asset class is riskier to invest in than another. Therefore, view the risk per category before you start investing.