All You Need To Know About The Safety Of Coloured Contact Lenses

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Around 125 million people use colored contact lenses around the world. People don’t just wear them for eye conditions such as near or farsightedness but also for cosmetic purposes. While some wear them daily, others choose to wear them on occasions such as weddings or parties. The use of colored contact lenses to pair with costumes on Halloween has increased considerably in the past few years. The question is: how safe are colored contact lenses?

How do they work?

To understand how they work, one needs to know a bit about the eye. The eye consists of the pupil and the iris. The pupil is the central part that allows light to pass through it allowing you to see clearly. The iris is the outer ring around the pupil which is opaque and the contact lens is made in such a way that it covers the iris and leaves the pupil open so that there is no hindrance in vision even while the contacts are on. However, with Halloween colored coloured contact lenses such as meshwork contacts and blind white coloured contact lenses, there may be a slight loss of vision. This is because these partially or completely cover the pupil sometimes, causing obstruction to vision. This article has detailed information about blind white coloured contact lenses.

blind white coloured contact lenses

How safe are coloured contact lenses?

Despite the stories you read on the internet about contacts getting stuck inside the eye or getting diseased, coloured contact lenses causing problems or complications are pretty rare. They do come with their risks though and it is important to care and clean them properly to prevent the eye from getting infected. If you follow the proper instructions, you are good to go! Here are some tips to avoid any complications occurring from the use of contacts:

• Before you get contacts, consult your eye doctor and discuss whether it is safe for you to use them.

Some countries require a prescription from your doctor before they allow you to purchase contacts.

blind white coloured contact lenses

• Make sure you have your contact lens case and solution.

• Some coloured contact lenses are for one day use only, such as most Halloween contacts, while some can be used for a longer period of time. It is important that you do not overuse your contacts and discard them as soon as their prescribed period is over. Our advice is you discard them a little earlier than their prescribed period.

• Learn how to insert and remove your coloured contact lenses in the correct manner.

• Your hands should be clean while inserting and removing the contacts.

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• When you take them off, keep them in their solution. Keep replacing the solution with a fresh one. Do not mix the old and new solution.

• Never shower or swim while wearing lenses. Keep lenses out of any water body while you are wearing them as water has bacteria which can stick to your lenses and cause diseases.

• Never sleep while you have your lenses on.

blind white coloured contact lenses

• Never borrow or lend lenses. GET YOUR OWN.

• Do NOT apply makeup after inserting lenses. Always apply them after you are all dolled up.

• Do not buy cheap lenses or from questionable suppliers. Saving a few dollars ain’t worth it when the cost is your eyes! Research all brands and suppliers before choosing one for yourself.

• If you feel any discomfort at any time, remove the lenses immediately and consult your eye doctor. It is advised that all prescription contact lens users always keep a pair of glasses at hand in case of an emergency. Read the full article for detailed information about blind white coloured contact lenses.

• As mentioned earlier, some contacts, such as blind white coloured contact lenses and others mainly used for creating dramatic eye looks for Halloween cause partial vision obstruction. It is recommended that you do not drive or do any other activity requiring perfect vision while wearing these as this may be a safety hazard.

blind white coloured contact lenses

What happens if you are careless?

Although rare, if you do not properly care for your blind white coloured contact lenses, it may cause problems to the eye. We have talked about some of them below:


If you sleep in your contacts, use them longer than their prescribed period or bring them into contact with water such as washing your face and swimming while wearing them, you may expose them to bacteria which will then cause an infection and your eyes will swell, itch and burn.


These may also be due to bacteria from improper use and care of contacts.

If all these conditions are left untreated, they may worsen and cause vision loss and permanent scarring. Care for them properly though and you’ll be safe.

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