tips to earn free money how adslinkfly works

How it works:The best ways to monetize your blog (opens in new browser tab)1 – First, register on our website and login / login2 – By replacing your long links / URL with short adslinkfly links and sharing with your friends and family, you can share your adslinkfly links on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform to increase the number of visitors on your links / URLs .

3 – Upload your school and college grades to google drive and replace the google drive link with adslinkfly links and share with your friends and students.


4 – You can upload any of your works, files, wallpapers, short clips, codes, coupons or whatever you have to upload to google drive and share the adslinkfly short link with your loved ones and make money.

5 – NO SHORTCUTS to earn a good amount of money overnight until you share 100 or 1000 links with your friends, sites and YouTube users, etc.

The best way to get more visitors and earn a good amount of money:

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1 – Share useful links that many visitors are looking for and would like to visit your link and get that file.

2 – Start a YouTube channel and share the appropriate file link in the video description and also advertise in your video that you shared the link in the description.

3 – Start a new blog or website and share your adslinkfly links.

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Why is my CPC or CPM low?

1 – Low CPM Traffic The best ways to monetize your blog (opens in new browser tab) ntries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

2 – CPM rates increase and decrease according to the advertiser’s bids and rates.

3 – Users use proxy servers or visit the same links over and over again.

4 – Robots, Bots or any third party software / website that helps you get a good impression on your links.

5 – A single impression on the page won’t help you earn money, your user needs to pass the captcha and visit your link to split you money.

6 – If you only share one or a few links and your few users have limited visiting your links daily, it can reduce your CPM.

How to earn the bonus and reach $200 per 10,000 visits?

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1 – Get a monthly bonus if you are a regular publisher and are doing well on our platform.

2 – You need a premium adslinkfly subscription to get a premium block for your links and earn more than one free user on our site.

3 – Users from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Jordan, etc. can help you achieve the highest rates.The Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog(Opens in a new browser tab)