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Cyber ​​security is big concern in today’s digital world. Every company and organization is the potential target of the cyber criminals.

Day-to-day cyber risks come from within your company. This includes leaks of employees who, intentionally or accidentally, enter passwords and sensitive information, or the actions of malicious insiders-employees or acquaintances who want to misuse their access and information to damage or exploit the corporate network.


Not only large companies doing online business face security threats. Anyone who surfs the web is a potential victim of cyber criminals.

While many people may claim to be fully aware of the threats, research shows that the knowledge they claim to have is a weak predictor of more cyber security.

Fighting cyber threats is complex and requires a good understanding of Cybersecurity . Let’s have a look on seven types of cybersecurity threats that could affect your cloud computing services:

There are seven types of threats named as Crypto jacking, Data breaches, Denial of service, Insider threats, Hijacking accounts, Insecure applications, Inadequate training.

Crypto jacking is a popular practice of mining for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cyber criminals use methods for accessing cloud computing systems and easily mine cryptocurrencies.

When hackers use computing resources from your cloud, your operation will be slowed down as if nothing malicious is happening. Perhaps the computers are just struggling with their processing power.

Data breache is the most common cybersecurity threats as cyber criminals gain unauthorized access to the cloud network to view, copy, and transmit data. A data breach can be extremely damaging as it can cause your business to face heavy fines.

In Denial of service your cloud services can be shut down. Sometimes, Cybercriminals can flood your system with a large amount of web traffic that your servers are not able to handle. Hence, it becomes impossible for you to manage your business.

Sometimes cybersecurity challenges come from the inside of the company which we named as Insider threats. It can be malicious. You should track the behavior of employees so that they cannot commit crimes against the business.

Hijacking accounts is the biggest threat to Cybersecurity. Cybercriminals gain access to accounts through password cracking and phishing emails. To minimize the risks of hijacked accounts you need to maintain proper permissions management system.

Third-party services, such as applications can raise cloud security risks. Take the concern of IT team before installing any application on the system. Applications need to be patched whenever it is possible, so make sure your IT team take the full concern on this part.

To prevent cybersecurity threats, it is essential to train your team about first line of defence against any kind of data breach or cyber-attack and also make sure that this training is regularly updated.

With such high stakes, it has never been more important to stay aware of cybersecurity issues and ensure that your business is protected.