Difference Between Water Rower And Air Rower

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While starting with fitness and getting to know the different fitness programs and exercise machines at once can be a whole lot overwhelming. In that case, it is better to take things slow and gradually start with a light and not so tiresome fitness routine.

Once you get a hang of it and are sure to step in this sphere you can try the various types and kinds available out there. One of them is the rowing exercise, immensely popular and talked about.

Exercises done on a rowing machine are to mimic the movements while rowing an actual raft or boat in water which is very exciting involves a full-body workout. But, why is it that we jumped on to this particular machine and not mention anything else?

Well, that is because in our opinion a rowing machine is that all-in-one equipment to trigger all the muscles of your body and awaken every bit of them. Not just this but it also helps in losing weight, improving strength, stamina, endurance, taking care of your cardiovascular health, etc. all with just one machine.


Now, that brings us to the two very popular and voguish rowing machines: Water Rower and Concept2 (Air Rower). To gain an in-depth comparison between the two keep scrolling through.

These are the two most famous water rowers and air rowing machines, so we picked these two for our comparison.

Before we actually begin with the critical comparison we would like to give you a mini-review of both of these water rowing machines and then draw out the lines.

Getting to know the Water Rower closely
When you get the water rower and start using it trust us, your neighbors and family members are going to thank you for it. Unlike any other gym equipment such as a treadmill, this machine did not make any noise whatsoever.

As the name suggests, the machine is water-powered which means it takes the much-needed power from water which defines the concept of rowing machines a little too literally.


CC: Waterrower.com

The good thing about its power source is that the slightest amount of noise produced is absorbed by the wood frame of the equipment making it much quieter than the Air Rower.

Once it is in its place you just have to start rowing and feel the physically challenging and mentally satisfying experience. However, the resistance you want to experience depends completely on you. The harder and faster you row, the tougher it gets.

This feature for a newbie is perfect since he can control the force he wants to put in and thus exercise accordingly. Usually, it is advised that you start slow, increase the speed gradually and then slow then and thus ultimately stop.

In this way, it is going to be the smoothest exercise experience ever. The cherry on the cake is the performance display which depicts all the important data such as the number of strokes you do per minute, the intensity of your workout, the time you invested in a particular day, your speed, the distance you covered, etc.

This information is displayed on a decent-sized screen which makes it legible even while working out.

Another not-so-ordinary function of the monitor is to help you in setting up goals and achieving them. These goals can be of a rowing session which goes straight up for three minutes or another session to cover ‘X’ distance with three intervals of one minute each. Quite helpful right?

All in all, a Water Rower is an extra touch of lavishness and an escape from the usual workout sessions. Be it a beginner, an intermediate, or a professional all of them of whichever age can take the benefit of this exercising machine.

A close up of Concept2, the Air Rower
Concept2 is the ultimate standard for all the rowing machines out there. Their products are used by professionals and for different competitions and that pretty much says it all.

About the looks of the machine, it is quite sleek to take up less space in your house or gym and lasts long. In case you don’t have much space, it can be easily disassembled as well and held upright, in a corner. Storing this equipment isn`t a struggle at all.

CC: concept2.com

Talking about the noise it produces, it is a little bit louder than the Water Rower and can be a bit of an annoyance for your family members. All thanks to the fan rowing concept. However, the next thing that we are going to talk about is better than a Water Rower, the monitor display.

It has some extra information on the display such as the watts, calories, etc. plus it also comes with a good quality heart rate strap to keep track of your heart rate.

In a nutshell, Concept2 has taken the rowing machines up a notch with its commendable quality and use of technology. However, there are some things which differentiate it from the Water Rower and we will be discussing that, next.

There are two models of this rowing machine Model D and Model E, and you can check out both as well.

Outlining the differences

Water Rower

Concept 2


Accept it or not comfort is the topmost priority in all most all of our purchases. Since this is designed to keep the home use in mind it gains points on that. Concept2 as said earlier has been designed for the competitors and heavy-duty use. So, it lacks a bit there.


The Water Rower is a pretty good one for casual use at home with the water rowing concept but not enough for the enthusiasts.

Concept2 is a heavy-duty machine because of the mechanism. The fan-based mechanism is much more useful when it comes to actual rowing exercises.

Rowing feel

In a Water Rower, it is all about that authentic water rowing feel and serenity. For those who want to experience that should go for it.

Concept2, on the other hand, is smoother and faster than the Water Rower for those enthusiastic and exciting days.

Overall experience

The Water Rower gets all the points for that aesthetic and vibe that it creates but when it comes to the actual job being done, Concept2 leaps.

Concept2 in a sentence is what an actual rowing machine to build up muscles and increase endurance and strength should look like.

This was our two cents on outlining the differences between a Water Rower and an Air Rower and helping you gain an insight into two of the most popular one of its kind. I hope you find it helpful.

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