Earn INR 63000 Per Month with HostGator Affiliate Program

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Hey Folks! Today I’ll share the trick to earn 63000 Rupees From HostGator Affiliate Program.

Are you Earning from AdSense? Well, that’s very good but If you compare Google AdSense and Affiliate Earning, then Affiliate will be on top of the chart.

You can earn from Google Adsense but no like Affiliate. You can earn 200-500$ in a month from AdSense if you have good traffic but if you focus on Affiliate marketing then you can earn thousands of bucks in a single sale.

But Earning from HostGator Affiliate Program, You should have complete knowledge of Affiliate Marketing. Here I have shared The Complete Beginners Guide of How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, I’ll tell you how you can earn 63000 Rupees From HostGator Affiliate Program. Let’s Start…

About HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is one of the best and leading company which provides quality hosting on reliable price.

It provides services like WordPress Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Shares Hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, etc.

If you are having blogging or SEO related blog then you can use HostGator Affiliate Program to earn a handsome amount. However, HostGator is a free affiliate program.

Do You know Endurance International Group is the parent company of Bluehost and HostGator…


HostGator Provides 2 type of affiliate program, which are…

  • Globally Wise affiliate program
  • Country Wise affiliate program

HostGator Global affiliate program provides $50 per sale.

HostGator for India, It gives 1250 per sale.

Even I’m using India affiliate program from last 4 month and it really works.

You can use a Hostgator affiliate with Google AdSense. You can earn from both.

If you don’t have Google AdSense then learn How to get Google Adsense Approval.

Google AdSense is used by maximum webmaster but 95% of professional bloggers and marketers are using the affiliate program. They rarely use Google AdSense Because Affiliate marking is more effective then AdSense in teams of money.

What is the Eligibility Criteria HostGator Affiliate?

Before joining HostGator Affiliate or any other Affiliate Program, you should have below things,

  • A Perper Blog/website.
  • Proper On page and Off Page SEO.
  • You should add real information with your bank account.

Why HostGator Affiliate?

Hostgator falls in the top 10 best hosting company in the world and Hostgator affiliate is very popular in India especially between bloggers.

Because of its good services and cheap price.

With the help of HostGator affiliate, you can generate hugely amount from your blog.

you just need to read out this whole article for all the information.

How to earn with HostGator?


A question is always raised by newbies, how much money they can earn from HostGator Affiliate?

Well, It totally depends on your marketing skills and on your blog. As much as your referral comes from your website, As much as your Hostgator affiliate program income will increase.

You can earn 63000 Rupees or more in a month by HostGator Affiliate. Check below Structure to know how.

If through your referral link, 1 sale happens in 30 days, you will get INR 1250/-

Or if 1-5 sale happens in 30 days, you will get INR 1250/Sale, which mean Means 1250*5= 6255 Rs. in a month.

If your numbers are increasing more then 5 then the amount increase from INR 1250/- to INR 1650/-


  • On 6-10 sale, you will get INR 1650 per sale
  • 11-15 sale, You will get INR 2250 per sale
  • Same as here, On 16-20 sale, you will get INR 2500 per sale.

And If you are able to sale more then 20 then you will get INR 3000 per sale for your referrals.

It means 21*3000=INR 63000 in a month.

Check out the HostGator India affiliate program commission rate in below images.


But, It is not easy to earn from affiliate programs. Your blog should have good traffic and your blog should be SEO friendly.

And the important things, you should have proper knowledge of marketing to promote your blog.

How to Join HostGator Affiliate

As I already told you that HostGator affiliate is a free service. Means anyone can use this for free.

Here are the step by step guide to get approval from HostGator Affiliate

Step 1. Open HostGator affiliate and sign up


Step 2. You have to fill the form shown in below image fo Sign up.


Make sure you are filling the right information.

Step 3. It’s done. Just check your email ID. You’ll receive your login credentials.


Now you just need to login and put affiliate link or banners in your blog and start earning.

How to add bank account details in HostGator

In Sign up form, you’ll not get any option to enter your bank details, But when you will complete INR 3000/-, HostGator affiliate team will contact you via email.

In that Email, HostGator team will ask you for your bank details, you reply on that mail with your bank details.

it will take a 2-3 business working day to add in your account.

And It might take up to 30 days to receive your money from HostGator.

The important thing to Note

  • The Minimum Amount you can withdraw is INR 3000.
  • 3 types of payment available: Electronic Funds Transfer, Paypal, Cheque
  • For the fast payment, choose Paypal or EFT

How to Promote HostGator Affiliate Link

Blog/website is the best way to promote your Affiliate Links. If you want to promote your HostGator Affiliate Link then you can choose other ways like

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media like twitter, facebook.

For More, Read: How to Promote Affiliate Products on your blog

Important Note: Not all affiliate program allows to promote Affiliate Link on social media.

HostGator Cookie Lifetime

As I already explained about cookies in The Complete Beginners Guide of How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

Hostgator cookie stored in the computer for 60 days.

Which means you will have enough time after the user clicks on an affiliate link. If the user buys within 60 days after then you’ll get your commission.


I hope you enjoy the HostGator affiliate Program Complete Guide.

If you have any issue or suggestions then please ask me in comments. And Share this article with your friends and let him know they can also Earn INR 63000 Per Month with HostGator.