Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth

Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth: Our hair and skin both see a lot of wear and tear over the years. Many people unknowingly use harsh chemicals to color their hair and clean their skin. These chemicals are capable of beautiful results, but there are healthier alternatives that are gentler to use. It can be sad to admit at times, but some people have a hard time even recalling their natural hair color. It’s crucial to replenish hair and maintain healthy hair growth by using natural remedies, such as essential oils and more natural ingredients. Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants through the process of distillation or evaporation and are often used with aromatherapy which is an alternative to some medicine. Many of these oils help with stress, headaches, sleep deprivation, and inflammation. However, essential oils can also be applied to the hair and scalp to promote long-lasting health and beauty.


Hair loss can negatively impact self-esteem and it can be challenging to find a solution that works well. Everyone wants a luscious amount of healthy hair, and luckily there are natural ways to combat hair loss. But first, it is important to understand why some of us struggle with thinning hair. Some reasons for hair loss can be infections, age, genetics, and even hormonal imbalance. If you’re struggling with hair loss rosemary could be the perfect oil for you. In 2015, SKINmed Journal found rosemary to help fight against hair loss after being implemented into someone’s weekly beauty routine.


Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth


People who are looking to take advantage of rosemary oil need to determine how thick their hair is before dousing their entire head in rosemary oil. It is advised if you have extremely thick hair, to take 3 drops of rosemary essential oil and dilute it with your favorite carrier oil. The people who have thicker hair, but not a lot, tend to favor coconut oil for their carrier oil. People with fine hair tend to be happy with a jojoba carrier oil because it is rich in vitamin E (hydrates and promotes healthy hair growth) vitamin B (helps retain in the hair) and isn’t as heavy. These carrier oils do two things: they spread the rosemary oil around more evenly and also keeps the rosemary oil from being applied directly to the scalp.

  • For fine hair: 
    • If your rosemary essential oil has a dropper application, drop 3 drops of rosemary into the palm of your hand and mix in your choice of carrier oil.
    • Massage into your scalp and spread the mixture from your roots to your tips.
    • Let this sit for 1-2 hours before rinsing out.
  • For thicker hair: 
    • The same thing goes for fine hair, but double the application process.
    • First, only apply 3 drops of oil and dilute it with a carrier oil and then assess how your hair absorbs and reacts to the oil.
    • If your hair absorbs the oil quickly at the roots, it is recommended to reapply the rosemary+carrier oil mixture.

This regimen can be implemented in any beauty routine. Some people do it once a week and others are able to do it twice a week. Make sure you have enough time to let the rosemary essential oil + carrier oil sit on your scalp.


Many people struggle with dandruff and find it difficult to hide from others. People even go to the extent to avoid wearing black clothes so their dandruff doesn’t show on their outfit. Dandruff is a common condition that causes your scalp to flake from being put through harsh conditions. Although this isn’t a serious condition, it can still be embarrassing for some. A study in 2015 found lemongrass essential oil can make a difference in one week. It is advised to put a couple of drops of lemongrass essential oil into your shampoo and/or conditioner daily. Thoroughly rinse the lemongrass out by using a gentle shampoo.

Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth


Tea Tree

Hair loss treatments can be costly, so it is important to look into other options that are more natural and cost-effective first. Tea tree oil is affordable and very common, so many people have utilized it for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. However, people underestimate how potent and highly concentrated tea tree oil is. Again, as mentioned before it is important to dilute all essential oils before placing them in your hair or on your scalp to avoid irritation. The antiseptic properties kick into action and open up clogged hair follicles and jumpstart the regrowth process. Tea tree oil goes a long way, so feel free to mix 8 drops of tea tree essential oil into your shampoo and/or conditioner and use it daily.

Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth


Pro Tip: For people with really fine hair, try conditioning your hair first and then using shampoo. This is so excess conditioner is never left in your hair and it doesn’t weigh your hair down throughout the day. This will also help give your hair more body throughout the day and cut down on washing your hair as much.

Skin Relationship

As mentioned before, it is crucial to find the beauty tip that works for your specific skin type. A good piece of advice is to purchase small sample bottles of different types of carrier oils to find your favorite carrier for your personal beauty supplement and hair routine. It is smart to ask which oils other people favor and what works for them, but people need to be reminded that essential oils will make people’s hair and skin react in different ways. For example, many people battle with acne and oily skin have selected grapeseed or jojoba as oil carriers. Specifically, grapeseed oil is lighter than most oils and can easily be mixed in with other essential oils. However, just because grapeseed oil works well for someone else’s skin, doesn’t mean it will work well for you.

If essential oils are diluted properly, users will find a good balance with their choice of carrier oil and essential oil for each area of application.

S with all things, maintaining healthy hair growth and stimulating new growth takes time. There is some experimenting that goes into finding a process that works best for you. There are little to no side effects when implementing essential oils into a beauty routine, so why not give it try? When understood properly, essential oils can exponentially improve the health of your hair and skin. Also, it is important to remember that since essential oils are highly concentrated, always mix them in small amounts. Don’t give up! You may need to repeat applications in order to see results over time. So We shared all Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth now choose with your choice thanks for the read.