Google Assistant Can Now Help You Find Your Lost iPhone| Check details


  • Google Assistant can now locate your iPhone, gets more smart features
  • Google Assistant can now help users look for their phones by playing a customized ringtone through Nest devices.
  • The update will also allow users to order food online using Google Assistant.

Google has enabled Assistant to locate smartphones, including iPhones, through Nest devices. The feature will let users play a customized ring on the phones even when they are silent or on DND.

Google on Wednesday said its AI-powered virtual assistant can now help users locate a lost iPhone. Google Assistant’s find my phone has been available to only Android users. Now, Apple phone users can say, “Hey Google, find my phone,” to Nest smart speakers or smart displays, to find their iPhone.

In addition to this, Google Assistant can now help users order takeout as well. Once users finish online takeout order and click on “check out”, the Assistant will automatically navigate the site and fill out contact and payment details saved in Google Pay, synced to Chrome Autofill. However, the feature works only with select restaurant chains Google has partnered with.

Once the iPhone users set up critical alerts, they can opt for “Finding your phone with Assistant” notifications. These enable a custom ringing sound on their iPhones to locate it whenever the device is lost.

Additional features coming to the Google Assistant app include “Assistant Routines,” which Google says will make it easy to perform multiple actions at once with a single command automatically, and a Duplex update that makes ordering takeout and delivery easier with partner restaurants.

Google has also added a dedicated section in Ready-Made Routines to highlight popular “suggested actions” like “Tell me if my battery is low” or “Tell me what happened today in history.” Users can also add a “shortcut” icon to the Android home screen for favorite Routines.

How it Works??

Users will need to give the command, “Hey Google, find my phone”, via a smart home device. The Assistant will trigger an audio notification on your iPhone via an iOS Critical Alert. The iOS critical alert can notify even if the iPhone is in DND mode or silent mode.

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