How to do Youtube Channel Optimization for SEO

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Want to learn Youtube Channel Optimization?


SEO is very important either if you are doing blogging or vlogging. I have already posted an article about YouTube Videos Optimization and in this article, I’ll share some important tips for Youtube Channel Optimization for SEO.

If you really like to grow your Youtube channel, you have to work on SEO Optimization.

As a blogger, I have to do SEO work for my blog to grow it because without SEO Optimization one cannot achieve its goal. Similarly, As a vlogger, you have to work on your Youtube Channel Optimization.

This will Grow your Youtube channel and it’s videos not only Youtube but in Search engines also.

There are many Youtube vloggers on the internet who has very successful channels, and they have done terrific Optimization for SEO as well as users.

If you want to grab users attention towards your youtube channel, you should start working on Optimization which directly effects your Subscribers and Views.

How to do Youtube Channel Optimization for SEO

Here, In this article, I am sharing some Important tips for Youtube Optimization. You should read them carefully and apply them later in your vlogging.

1. Use of Channel Description

As a blogger, you add Meta description in the homepage for On Page Optimization, Similarly, you have to add Channel Description in your youtube channel.

Youtube gives ‘About’ option to add your Channel Description and tell users about your channel.

Maximum time users click on your ‘About’ option to check your channel information. So try to add 200+ words description to your channel and add some important keywords related to your topics. In addition, add your email address, social profiles like facebook, twitter, etc in it to make it more professional and attractive.

For Example,


2. Channel Art and Display Picture

Your channel should look attractive and professional to get more users to your channel. And for this, you should add Channel Art (also known as ‘banner’) and Display Picture.

The banner should show what your youtube channel is all about and what type of video you usually uploads.


Do not upload any low-quality banner on your channel. The Standard size is 2560×1440.

3. Channel Trailer


Channel trailer is one of the best ways to promote your channel among those who have not subscribed to your channel. It just like a movie, where people see the trailer first and make thoughts about it.

You can create your channel trailer and ask users to subscribe to your channel. In addition, you should describe your goal in the channel trailer by which people get convinced to subscribe your youtube channel.

4. Make Playlist


When you upload good numbers of video on your youtube channel, then make playlist according to their categories. Which will help you to optimize your Channel and users will easily find there mean video as well.

The playlist also helps users to play all the videos of a category without missing any. Otherwise, they will get frustrated to find videos of a single category and leave your channel.

5. Add Relevant Channel


Adding Relevant Channel to your blog is an Optimization process. Just like in blogging, We add external links to our articles for On Page Optimization. Here in vlogging, adding relevant channels to our blog will increase users trust and if your content is good, other YouTubers will also add your channel in their youtube channel.

It will really help your channel to grow. If you follow these tips then I’m sure you will get thousands of subscriber and view in quick time.

But remember, Content is always the king either we talk about in blogging or vlogging. Content will matter everywhere. If your content is not good then I’m sorry, nobody will help you to grow your channel.

I have seen many YouTuber whose channels were getting success for content only.

There are some important Youtube Channel Optimization tips.

I hope you like it and if you have any suggestion then please make sure of the comment section and let me know.