How to Earn Money from WhatsApp Without Investment

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Learn How to Earn Money from Whatsapp Without Investment.

Hi there! Earning money online is not so easy at all. You can find thousands of website who offer to earn money from home. But Most of them are fake.

Recently I have Shared How To Start A Blog & Make Money Every Month from it and The Complete Beginners Guide of How to Start Affiliate Marketing to earn money from it.

There are many ways to Make Money Online. Some are fake, some are untrustable. But today I’m sharing an idea to Make Money from Whatsapp.


As a blogger, you can earn money from various methods like Google AdSense, Other Google AdSense Alternatives, Affiliate Marketing and much more.

But if you don’t have a blog or want to income some more money then read this Guide carefully. In this Guide, I will share How to Earn Money from Whatsapp.

Firstly you need to understand that You cannot Earn Money with Whatsapp directly.

You have to follow the indirect ways to do so which i’ll share in this article.

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Quick Tips to Make Money from WhatsApp

  1. You have to add WhatsApp Contacts as much as you can.
  2. Join WhatsApp Group more and more.
  3. Make your own WhatsApp Group and add members in it.
  4. Try to join the related group for which you give products or services.
  5. Most Important, Do not SPAM otherwise either you will be blocked or kick out.


For example, I have skills in Digital marketing, I always try to join related groups with Digital marketing.

Simple 8 Ways to Earn Money with Whatsapp

Below are simple ways to earn money online by WhatsApp. If you do hard and follow all the steps then definitely you can earn easy money.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You can earn handsome money by Affiliate Marketing using WhatsApp.

What you need to do this just to share your affiliate marketing in the WhatsApp groups and with your contacts And Make sure to share the related product with the related fields in which the audience related to your products.

Before Moving forward, you should have some knowledge of Affiliate Marketing if you are not aware of that.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In Simple words, Affiliate Marketing is nothing but a way to earn money from home by joining a company to promote and sell their products online.

If someone buys that product from your Affiliate link then you’ll get a commission for it. For Example,

  • Join any Affiliate.
  • Create an Affiliate Product link and share in your WhatsApp groups and contacts.
  • And when someone buys products with your link then you’ll get a commission.

For More Details of Affiliate Marketing read the below post,

And always remember one thing, Whatever products you are sharing in the WhatsApp group, Always share with the related audience.

Flipkart, Vcommission, Payoom, Amazon, etc are India’s best affiliating marketing website from which you can earn some money.

I have used affiliating marketing and shared in my WhatsApp groups, and really works, I earn it from it.

Also, Know the Basis Things Before Join Affiliate Program.

Note: Before sharing links, Make sure you short the link.

2. Link Shorting

Another way to Make Money from Whatsapp is Link Shorting. There are many short URL maker websites available on the internet.

Whenever you short any Website URL by Link Shorting website and share in WhatsApp groups, Facebook, etc, when someone clicks on your URL then you will get paid for every click.

You can boost your income by shorting your Affiliate links. you can earn double. If someone clicks on your short link, you will get paid, and if that person also buys the product from your affiliate link, you will get a commission.

This is how it works.


Put your long URL and get Short URL instantly. Short URL looks professional.

ilinkshort is the most trusted link short URL website which pays well.

Here is the Rate list of ilinkshort.


Find the full rate list here.

3. Earn from Pay per Download (PPD)

PPD is a kind of process where you get paid for every download that comes from your links. You earn Huge money from PPD networks.

Simple Steps to make money from PPD.

  • Join PPD download networks.
  • Upload Files which in Demand. (like software, coerces, theme, tools, ebook images)
  • Now the link and wait for someone to download.

Below are some best PPD websites that you can trust.

  1. Zippyshare
  2. UsersCloud
  3. UploadOcean
  4. Daily Uploads
  5. ShareCash
  6. Upload Cash
  7. LinkBucksMedia

4. Promote Event blog

There are many people out there who don’t know about Event blogging. first clear about it.

Event blogging is known for micro niche blogging, where bloggers write on a specific topic. These types of blogs mostly focusing on an upcoming event, festival or special day.


For example:

Many Bloggers do Event blogging when some event or festival is coming. Like they write about Diwali, Holi, Christmas, etc when 15-30 days before.

These type of blog get huge traffic. Event blogging is only for short term.

People create Event blogs and share in WhatsApp group, Facebook and other social media, from where they get more and more traffic.

You can get paid if you promote any other Event blog.

5. Paid Promotion

I have seen many people who are using Whatsapp as business tools to Make Money from Whatsapp. And they Make a group with a particular topic like Technology, Entertainment, health. etc


They provide services in the group. So what you need to do is by joining WhatsApp groups related to your product and service, and start selling your stuff.

6. Referring to Apps in Whatsapp.

There are many Applications in the Play store by which you can earn money by installing the apps and referring to your friends and in WhatsApp groups.


What you need to do is here just install the app and use the referral link and share in the WhatsApp groups. Also, you can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Here are some trusted Apps which pay you well.

  • Taskbucks
  • Earn Talktime
  • Ladoo
  • Champcash
  • Taskbucks
  • FreePaisa
  • CashBoss
  • MobiTalktime
  • mCent
  • mPaisa

Note: The money you will receive by referring cannot transfer in other things like Paytm, Bank, etc. You can also recharge it will.

How to Join Online WhatsApp Groups

As a digital marketer, I like to join Digital marketing groups. So, to find out digital marketing Groups, I’ll Search on Google,

“Digital marketing WhatsApp group”.


You can find thousand of WhatsApp links by which you can join.

Similarly, if you want to join any type of WhatsApp groups, just type ‘Keyword’ and WhatsApp group.

Note: You can Add 256 Peoples in a group.

Things to Remember to Earn Money from Whatsapp

To earn money online is not easy. you need to do hard work for it. You have to give time to get something.

Below are some tips to work for longtime on WhatsApp.

  • Do not share links frequently. Otherwise, Whatsapp will block it.
  • To not spread false news in WhatsApp.
  • Do not Share the phishing link.
  • Do answer if someone asked about your product.
  • Don’t Not Spam WhatsApp groups.

Now You get it how to earn online from WhatsApp. Let me know what way you use to earn from WhatsApp. Hope You like this article.

If you guys have another way to earn online by WhatsApp then please tell me in comments.