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Do You Want to Earn Money? Here is another way to Earn with Amazon Flex.

India is a fast developing country. And Due to this, People’s lifestyle getting change rapidly.

To maintain lifestyle our expenses are increasing day by day. I’m sure you have seen people talking and saying, In our time this stuff was of 10 Rupees and now it is of 15 Rupees.

Okay, these are the technical things about financial knowledge, Now let’s move to the main point. you must be thinking that then why did I say this here, the reason behind is that if we have to maintain our lifestyle according to society then we will have to increase our income.

We can do this only then, along with our main job, we should do any other side job that will provide us the extra income that we are looking for.

There are many ways to earn money online like Blogging, AdSense, Affiliate marketing, etc but this is the new way to make a side income with Amazon.

To Earn with Amazon Flex going to be very important for you because if you want to make money with genuine way then Amazon Flex is gonna help you. Let’s start this…

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is the Product Delivery Service Program by Amazon company. It provides part-time jobs opportunity to people who want to earn money by Amazon to deliver their products, the best thing is that you decide your convenient time and number of hours yourself. Awesome, right?


Amazon Flex is a program by Amazon where independent delivery partners deliver the Amazon products to the customers.

In this program, Delivery partners use their own vehicles to deliver the Amazon orders to their respective customers and generate some extra income in there spare time.

With this initiative, Amazon is looking to strengthen its delivery network and at the same time, it pays Rs 120-140 per hour to anyone who delivers their products.

By the way, the Amazon Flex Program is already started in other countries but it has just been implemented in India now.

Right now they are operating this facility only in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore in India. Later, they are going to increase this channel in other cities.

What kind of Deliveries do you have to do with Amazon Flex?

You have to deliver Amazon products which are ordered by the customer according to their needs. You can get different types of packages with different sizes and weights.

It can be anything like electronics, household essentials, etc.

When and where was Amazon Flex first started?

Amazon Flex first started in the US (America) in 2015.

How to Earn with Amazon Flex

First of all, you need to register on Amazon Flex delivery program then you need to select the area where you want to work as a part-time delivery partner and also you have to choose when you can deliver packages.


Here, You can earn INR 120 to 140 per hour of work. The time count starts from picking orders from the delivery stations and till delivery.

Then at the end of the day, you have to submit all undelivered orders at the delivery stations and whatever cash you have received from COD purchases.

If you have any vehicle then it is very easy to do, which you can do in your free time and earn extra income.

How to use Amazon Flex?

As I already told you above, you can choose the area which is known by you. It’s totally on you that in which area you want to give your services and then again you can choose the time slot which suitable to you.

Once you have selected the time according to you, then after selecting it, according to the same, the details of the product delivery will be sent to this app itself. At the same time, you have to go to the delivery station and receive the product and deliver it to the right customers.

At the same time, you will know the complete details of how to use the app through the video in this app. If you are a student then you can easily earn more then Rs.15000 / – a month by taking 3 to 4 hours a day.

How to Join Amazon Flex?

Finally, we are here. If you want to Join Amazon Flex then you should follow the above steps to Qualify and then follow the below steps for complete registering.

Step 1: Open amazon Flex Website on your Android Phone.

Step 2: Fill the form on the website


then click on the Get the App.

The Application file will start the download on your phone. (Not available in the Play store)

Step 3: Install the app on your phone and Open it. Now Login with your Amazon Credentials if you have Amazon account, otherwise create one.

And then just follow all the steps, fill all the details mentioned in it have to be filled, PAN card account number driving license, etc. have to be filled. At the same time, whatever permission is asked in between, you have to allow it.

After this, your background verification will be done, which is very important. This is done so that if you do not run away with Amazon’s product, the company may have to suffer a lot of damage.

You can also view educational videos in this app so that all your doubts will be cleared automatically.

What are the requirements to join Amazon Flex?


Here are the requirements to join Amazon Flex, Follow them for successful joining.

  • Your age should be 18+.
  • You must have two-wheelers or any other vehicle which complies with all applicable law and safety requirements.
  • You must have a PAN card for the payment.
  • Also, A bank account is required to receive payment.
  • Also, an Android SmartPhone is required, to install and use the Amazon Flex App. The phone should have a camera with flash, GPS location services, and an active SIM with voice & data connectivity.
  • Must have a valid and legally compliant Driving License, Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Certificate and Pollution (PUC) certificate.

At the same time, you also have to do a background check successfully through their third-party background verification agency, which includes verification of your address, driving license, and criminal records.

Does Amazon provide you insurance?

YES! Amazon keeps all the drivers that work for Amazon Flex under a Group Accident Policy. But the condition is that while onboarding you have ticked the terms and conditions in their insurance page.

  • Accidental Death coverage: INR 500,000/-
  • Permanent Disability coverage: INR 5,00,000/-

Note: This policy does not cover the damage to your vehicle.


I hope you found this ‘Earn with Amazon Flex’ article helpful. I always try to share a helpful article for my reader. Now you have all the information then don’t waste your time and start earning with this.

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