How to Promote Affiliate Products on your blog

Howdy Folks, I continuously share methods to earn money from your blog. Either you can earn money from AdSense or Earn from Affiliate Marketing. However, Affiliate Marketing is very effective than Google AdSense. In this article, I’ll Share Ideas to Promote Affiliate Products on your blog.

Google Adsense is good for earning for beginners but affiliate marketing gives you massive profit on the sale. Google AdSense Earning depends on various factors, like CTR, CPC, Countries, Content, Keywords, etc.


In affiliate marketing, you need to choose a product or service related to your blog niche, create product awareness, and then when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link, you receive a referral commission from it. And It can be from 1$ to 1000$ and more.

As I said, In this article, we will learn to Promote Affiliate Products on your blog but if you complete newcomer to affiliate marketing then you must learn Basis Things to Know Before Join Affiliate Program and The Complete Beginners Guide of How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing tips to Promote Affiliate Products:

There are so many other promotional methods such as PPC marketing and email marketing, but in this article, I am sharing tips to Promote Affiliate Products on your blog and to improve my affiliate conversion.

1. Review post:

A Review post about a product could make a huge difference in your affiliate earning. When you write a Review post, it’s kind of introduces of the product to your blog readers for the first time and at the same time, your opinion guides them to understand why they should be buying it.

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But below are few important notes to remember when writing a review post for your affiliate product:

  • Whatever product you are reviewing, doesn’t matter. but your Reviews should be honest. Most of the time to increase affiliate marketing revenue, people just focus on the good points about a product and don’t mention any downsides. So, Try to Include both pros and cons.
  • Write a review in a way that people think that you have used that product personally. I mean you review should be in a personal tone, as people are looking for a personal recommendation.

2. Blog post promotion:

Adding affiliate links to your own blog post is one of the best effective ways to increase affiliate income. But remembers, you must write targeted-posts while doing this. For example, When you are writing any post about Which is the best theme for WordPress blog, You can put your link by adding a line, in the end, saying: “I recommend this particular host for a WordPress blog:” (insert your affiliate link). Cool, Right?

3. How-to do articles:

Research shows that How-to do Kind of article gets huge traffic which means Great profit. If your product is something which is technical or needs some instructions to be used, you can write a tutorial guide for the product.

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You can put your affiliate link in the Article to generate revenue or leads.

“How To” articles always perform very well in search engines.

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4. Use coupon codes:

As User thinking, When I buy a product online, I always look for a good deal on that item or service. And Mostly every user has the same thinking to save money.

If you are able to give your loyal customers some good deal, offering them discount coupons or incentives whenever they buy the product is an excellent way to make sales and promote items.

Keep in mind that a happy customer is an asset and the word of mouth is often better than anything else.

5. Use featured post:

Either You are writing review post or Coupon code post, our goal always must be to get more and more views on the post. On Page SEO is a good way for visibility, but you should give more visibility by placing the post as a featured post.

There is a good feature in WordPress that allows you to stick any blog post on your blog’s homepage. Here is how you can do it:

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This is what I know to promote affiliate products. Let me know if you have other tips that you follow on your blog to improve your own affiliate conversions.