How To Rank Videos on YouTube (Optimize & Rank higher)

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Hello there! Do You want to know how to rank videos on YouTube? Want to learn Youtube SEO Tips and Tricks?

Today I’m going to share easy Youtube SEO Tips and Tricks which help you to Rank Videos on YouTube.

You know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and Yes, It is a platform where 400 hours of video is uploaded every minute! isn’t it great?


Youtube also offers you to earn money by monetizing the content of your videos. If your content gets enough views, you can make good money from your YouYube videos.

Wait, Wait, Wait, Only uploading a video is not enough to get views on YouTube unless you are a big brand, for example, a music company like t-series.

If you are uploading any video, there could be lakhs of video on that topic then and believe me, generally, people don’t visit on the 2nd page of youtube search. then your video must be on the first page of youtube search so that your video can gets views.

So for that, There are some techniques that you could follow to optimize your YouTube videos to rank higher on YouTube search.

So in this video, I have shared how to Rank YouTube videos higher, Must follow to get rank.

YouTube SEO Guide or Youtube SEO Tips to get rank high

Now, let’s look at some of the most important YouTube SEO tips, which will help you to get more organic visits to your videos.

  • Title Of The Video – Use Keywords

The Video title is very important for Youtube video. because of video title, the one will know what your video is all about. Video title should match your video content and it should be user-friendly and also according to the YouTube algorithm for SEO.

You can use google for this. You can use google or youtube auto-complete feature to find the right title for your video.

This is great things which help you to know what people are searching for on Google and Youtube and will help you optimize your content accordingly.


I take help of google to autocomplete and type only ‘how to learn SEO’ and it gives me some suggestion which I can use in the video title. also, these are the most searched queries regarding your keywords.

Similarly, you can use Youtube auto-complete feature to populate more keyword ideas.

  • Description Of The Video

Like Meta Description in Website ranking play some role to get ranking, here, The first couple of lines play a major role in your video’s ranking in the search engine. You can use autocomplete feature in google for this. If the searched keyword matches the first two lines of your video description, the video is more likely to get a higher ranking.


As I search ‘how to learn SEO’ and you can see that keyword matches the video description which is in the first two lines. And Yes, Try to use longtail keywords in the video description which boost the ranking of your videos immensely.

  • Name Your Video File to upload

After created and edited your awesome video, don’t put mov0401.avi or ranndom_name.mp4 name make sure you rename your video as your_keyword.mp4.

Naming your video file as your focused keyword is a very good SEO technique to get rank. because it tells the search engine as to what is in your video, Search engines cannot look inside video content.

  • Tagging & Keyword Research For YouTube Videos

Using tags is a great idea for ranking. Here are a few tips to put tags in your videos:

1. List Main tags first: First of all, you must include your main keyword first. Doing this will put weight in algorithms.

2. List general tags: Now you need to add general and matching keywords.

3. Include singular and plural tags: If your keyword is ‘SEO Writer’, also put ‘SEO Writers’, and separate your keyword into different tags like ” SEO” & “Writer”.

So these are the Youtube SEO Tips and Tricks. One of my friend having a youtube channel and he follows all the above SEO tips for YouTube videos, and I recommend you to do the same. If you know of any other SEO trick for YouTube, feel free to share with us via comments. Don’t forget to share this useful resources with other YouTubers.

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