How to Setup Free CloudFlare CDN on WordPress

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Website Loading is very important in this time for search engine ranking So i’ll explain how to Setup Free CloudFlare CDN.

We use many techniques like cache plugin, images optimization plugin, etc to make the website speed fast, If you are using a website on WordPress.

But you can also use the Content delivery network (CDN) to increase your website speed with other techniques to Speed up your website.

Note: Website Speed is one of the ranking factors now, You can not ignore now.

There are many free and paid CDN available in the market. If you want to use Paid CDN then you can use MAXCDN and if you want to use free then you can use Cloudflare, even Cloudflare provide paid services.

So today we will talk about Cloudflare CDN and know how to Setup Free CloudFlare CDN.

What is CloudFlare CDN?

CloudFlare CDN is one of the best technique to increase website performance. Generally, It locates the website or blog contents from the servers of the entire world. Every webpage is locally located from a server.

It also caches the content of your website from every server so that there is no spam in your website. In a way, CloudFlare CDN prevents harming your website from coming to your website.

This is also how CloudFlare protects your website and increase your web security.

It also filters all the traffic coming to your website and do not permit spamming traffic to your blog.

The best thing about CloudFlare CDN is that all its basic features are completely free. You can also enjoy its advanced feature using CloudFlare paid version.

How to Setup Free CloudFlare CDN


Recently I have posted What is CDN and its benefits and if you haven’t read it yet then read it out. let’s move futher.

There is two option by which you can use CloudFlare CDN.

  • Install Via cPanel
  • Manually


Some web hosting companies like HostGator, Bluehost, Royalclouds Etc, gives the option to install CloudFlare from the cPanel. You can just install it by one click only.

But if you don’t know whether your Hosting company gives the option to install automatic CloudFlare or not then you need to login to your web hosting and then to your cPanel.

Now you need to search for CloudFlare, Either you can find it in advanced settings or in the Software section.

If you could find it, which means you have to add it manually.

As you can see, my hosting provider gives the option of Cloudflare in the software option.

If you find it, that cool, now we can install it from the cPanel. Let’s Learn How to Install Cloudflare CDN from the cPanel?

  1. First of all, find out the Cloudflare in the hosting cPanel.
  2. Select the Domain you want to add in the Cloudflare.
  3. Now, Once you select the domain name, then click on the gray cloud icon and then on to CloudFlare. If you click on the Orange CloudFlare icon, CloudFlare will be off.


That’s all! Your web host has set up basic CloudFlare protection. This was the way to setup CloudFlare automatically.

Manually configure Cloudflare CDN

From my personal experience, manually Configuration of Cloudflare CDN is easier than Automatically setup.

If you want to use the advanced features of Cloudflare, Setup Free CloudFlare CDN manually rather then doing it Automatically. Below is the step by step guide to explain how to setup it.

1. Visit CloudFlare and Signup for an account.

2. Now, Fill your website which you want to add in it.


3. CloudFlare will scan the records of your entire domain after filling the URL. It takes only a few seconds to complete the process. After the scan is completed, you will be directed to another DNS zone file. Where you can confirm that all your records have been successfully transferred.


But before this, you have to choose a plan to continue, you can choose a free plan to continue with. If you want to access some extra features then you can also go with Paid plans.

If you want only caching performance level and security settings, then you should use its basic plan which is absolutely free.

You can choose a performance level in it. Medium security settings are great for your website’s spam-bots attacks. Apart from this, you can also choose a higher security level.

5. Last but not least, after everything, you will need to Replace hosting nameservers with Cloudflare’s nameservers like which will be given after adding your website in CloudFlare like, etc.


CloudFlare WordPress plugin

CloudFlare also provides a plugin for your WordPress website which gives protection to your website. You can also add CloudFlare plugin which also stops spamming comment.

But this is only for those who set up Cloudflare manually. To enable CloudFlare manually install you need to add CloudFlare API keys and your email address. You can find CloudFlare API keys by going to CloudFlare’s My Account page.


Even I’m using CloudFlare free CDN from a long time and I’m really impressed with this. It really helps my blog to perform better.

And I really like the feature of Threat Control at CloudFlare. If you are running a popular blog then this feature is very important to you. In the past, Cloudflare has protected thousands of websites from spam attacks.

I am very impressed with CloudFlare Free CDN. If you are running your website on WordPress, then you must use CloudFlare Free CDN. I would suggest that you save your website from spam attack using CloudFlare Free CDN.

Are you using CDN? No? then try once and feel the difference. this is it from this article and I hope you guys know how to Setup Free CloudFlare CDN?

Share your comments and views in the comment section and let me know what other things you do to improve your website speed.

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