Most Used Ways to Earn Money With Blog

Want to know about Mostly Used Ways to Earn Money With Blog?

From the start of the blogging career, Every blogger want to earn money from his blog but unable to do that even after having a great traffic. This is because of one reason only, as they don’t have proper guidance to do so and they don’t know the Mostly Used Ways to Earn Money With Blog.


So, in this article, I’m going to explain to you the best-tested Ways to Earn Money With Blog which are genuine and can give you high revenue. I am recommending you because these below methods are used by me.

Tested Ways to Earn Money With Blog

I started my blogging and SEO career back in 2014 and someone told me that there are so many ways to earn money from my blog but I didn’t know how to do that, But gradually after learning about blogging, I came to know how we can earn more money than blogging.

and now I know so many ways to make money with a website or blog by which now every year I make more than 50000$.

Below are serval ways by which you can earn some bucks from your blog. If you have great traffic on your blog then you will be one of those millions who earning great with just doing blogging.

1. Sponsored Content

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When someone or as a company gives you bucks to write an article about your product, service or brand and post it on your blog, then it is called sponsored content.

So, Content writing is a great way to earn more money than blogging for all types of brands. I’ve used it and its great.

Take an example, If you have really good traffic from on your blog then you can take up to $ 100 for the Sponsored Post. Which means, if you are able to get 10 Sponsored Posts in 1 month then you can earn $ 1000 by writing just 10 posts. Great, isn’t it?

But it’s quite hard to get Sponsored Content every month, but yeah if your blog is famous then you will get so many offers for Sponsored Content on your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and most used earning methods by bloggers to make handsome money. This method is used by every blogger.

There are many companies in the market who give a fixed payment or commission to sell their product, service, brand.

For Example, If a company selling its product at 100$ and someone selling their products on his/her blog with affiliate marketing then that company will give some commission on the sale.

You can join affiliate programs of companies with the related product from the topic of your blog and start making money by start selling the product and services of their products.

Even I have shared many articles on Affiliate.

Here is the full guide, start to end which explain everting.

3. Advertisements

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Google AdSense one of the best and common thing for all bloggers around the world to earn from the website. This is the most popular & common way around the world in advertising earnings cases.

Most of the bloggers use Affiliate + AdSense on their respective blogs. AdSense and is a Pay per click program by which you can earn so much of money.

Putting ads from AdSense is best to earn with, You just need to add AdSense Ad code in your blog and rest will be done by Google itself.

Google itself shows related ads from your blog content on your blog and when a user clicks on it, you earn.

Even I’m using Google AdSense and earning well from it.


4. E-book Selling

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E-book selling is now trending these days. You can also earn some bucks by Selling your own e-book on your blog. In addition, It totally depends on your brand and your blog goodwill that How much money you will earn from this process.

The more popular your blog is and the more demand your content, you can keep the price of your e-book accordingly.

For Example, I Perper an E-book and keep the price $ 20 and when I able to get 15-20 sells per month, then i can earn $ 500 + per month.

If I talk about myself about this, I have not sold e-books yet, but I have seen many bloggers who are selling E-books and getting huge profit. I talk to them and now I have full faith and experience that this is the best way to earn extra from my blog.

5. Selling Own Service

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As a blogger, I have some other talent like web developer, designer, SEO expert. So I can also make that talent a way to earn money from the blog by selling these services to users.

If you have some other talent then you can offer those to your users and get some easy bucks.

In blogging, web developer, designer or in SEO, etc, you can…

  • Take charge of your work hourly basis.
  • You can do design or web developing work.
  • Offer your users for their website Optimization.
  • Help New blogger.
  • You can do SEO of companies or other people by offering SEO packages.
  • Re-development of blog and websites. etc


If you are a writer with great skill, then you can understand the importance of this information and you know what to do next. I think you should start using these methods right now to Earn Money With Blog.

I hope you like this article and you can share with your other friends to help them to grow.

If you have other ideas about this then please share with me in the comment box so that others also grow with you guys.