Cloud Computing is used in making deliveries of on-demand services like servers, storage, networking, software, database, analytics and technology using the Internet. Cloud Computing has entirely changed the working system of business. For they provide cloud services which are pocket friendly as well as helps in boosting the administration of your business effectively. These are main types of services provided by Google Cloud Platform:


Machine learning/ Artificial Intelligence


Big Data

Management Tools

Identity and Security

Google Cloud Computing provides storage for companies of all sizes. Though one type of cloud computing cannot be used everywhere. There are varied models, solutions and services to suit one’s requirements. An access to cloud storage will help you in keeping unlimited storage with no minimum object size. It gives you platform independent services, which means you have accessibility worldwide.

The cloud computing services is further divided into 3 types of services:

IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service): This cloud computing service is used for It infrastructure like- virtual machines, servers, operating systems, databases.

PaaS (Platform As A Service): This cloud computing service aims to provide a base for developing, testing, and handling software applications. It makes it easy for app developers in creating web or mobile applications without need of infrastructure.

SaaS (Software As A Service): SaaS aims to provide and manage software applications.which are provided by a third party to its users. There is no need of installing and maintaining software, users can easily connect to the application with the help of the Internet.

Google Cloud Computing provides about 100 technology services along with security to your data, apps, infrastructure, storage from potential threats. It aims to provide flexibility, efficiency and elasticity to the working system with minimum spend. Hence, providing several benefits to the IT professionals, developers and business.