What is the difference between WordPress And Blogger

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Want to Know the difference between WordPress And Blogger? Here is an article for you…

Blogging is one of the best profession in which It’s never too late to get into, But starting up a blog is so easy nowadays in comparison to 5-7 years before.

But In the beginning, the most important decision to be made to create a blog is to choose a platform.

When we talk about blogging, we have plenty of options to start a blog:

but as I said in my previous article Boost Traffic on Blog in Hindi that WordPress and Blogger are the most commonly used blogging platform in the whole world.


In the starting period of blogging, generally, people start with Blogspot (Blogger and Blogspot is the same thing) and later shift to WordPress. But that doesn’t mean a blogger is a bed blogging platform.

WordPress has it’s 2 versions:

  • WordPress.com: This Version of WordPress is absolutely free like blogger.
  • WordPress.org: This Version of WordPress is not free. You have to take a hosting to use this. This is also known as a self-hosted WordPress blog.

WordPress And Blogger

In this post, I’ll discuss on WordPress And Blogger and find out which one is batter (self-hosted WordPress will be discussed).

Blogger: A simple way to create a blog

First of all, We’ll talk about the blogger. It was developed by Pyra Labs, But later, the blogger was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs accessed from a subdomain of blogspot.com or .in unless you pay for a custom domain.

If you want to Join blogger then you’ll have to create a free profile, which simply requires a Google account. Then, you can build a new blog right away:


In this part, you have the option to choose a variety of themes which increase look and feel of your blog. You can give a title to your blog (Change later) and choose a URL which will have blogspot.com or Blogspot.in added in the end with the simple dashboard.


Now you can able to create Post, Pages and you can see comments from your readers. Also, you can see where the users are coming like the country and cities.

Whatever you will do on your blog, will immediately show the effect on your live blog.

Important things to remember:

  • You can create 100 Blogs from a single Gmail account for free.
  • Google can delete your blog anytime without any notice.
  • You can only login in your blog via your Gmail ID only.
  • Lots of restriction.

WordPress: To Create Beautiful Website‎s & Blogs


Blogger Can be used only to create blogs, whereas WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) based Program which is designed to help you build online content. In other words, You can create any type of website on WordPress.

For Newbies, Blogger is perfect to learn to blog and of cause it’s free. Whereas WordPress is used by Professionals and I must say, WordPress is a life blogging platform.

To Host your blog on WordPress, you just need a Hosting Plan that you can get from Hostgator in Cheap rate and a domain of your choice. After that, you can Install WordPress and set up your blog or website.

In WordPress Blog, You can create unlimited articles, Add pages, edit its settings, you can add other users, and much more. Same as Blogspot, you can choose themes to give look and feel to your blog but you have so much option in theme in WordPress but in Blogspot, A very little.

In WordPress, You can install plugins according to your needs which help you rank better in search engines.

There are so many things and features in WordPress which we can not able to here.

But Let me tell you in short, After the use of WordPress, you’ll automatically feel the difference between WordPress And Blogger.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger Vs WordPress

Now, Above I have explained two important blogging platforms, Now let’s Understand in more detailed about their relative advantages and Disadvantages of these two.

We’ll start with Blogger, then move on to WordPress.


Advantages of blogger

  1. Due to Its very Simple design, It’s very Quick and fast.
  2. 100% Free.
  3. Easy to learn Interface and it’s user-friendly.
  4. High Security.
  5. Easily Earn how to create content and use all the primary features.

Disadvantages of the blogger:

  1. Blogger’s platform is very simple and basic, you can not do any creative change according to your need.
  2. You’ll get very little customization option.
  3. You don’t fully “own” your content because it’s all sitting on Google’s servers.
  4. Did not get regular Updates from blogger for the improvement.

Blogger is less impressive if you’d like to fully customize your blog. Even its not look Professional.

Pros of WordPress:

  1. When you want to do some creative work and want to customize your blog or website then WordPress is the best option to go with. And Some most quality WordPress hosts like Hostgator can handle the setup for you.
  2. WordPress is very user-friendly and easy to learn, especially if you’re using it for something simple like a blog.
  3. Lots of customization option in themes, Plugin. You can make your blog or website according to your needs and Plugins help you with that.
  4. Both Free and Paid Plugins and themes are available.
  5. You can create websites like E-commerce, Forums, etc
  6. Regular Updates from themes, Plugins.
  7. You can add your coding in WordPress to make it according to you. And More more…

Cons of WordPress:

  1. If you really want to start your blog with WordPress then it requires some investment in Hosting and domain.
  2. WordPress is a little insecure in comparison to Blogger.
  3. You have to work on your WordPress blog to make it faster.

So these some are the points which give you a solid idea of where both platforms shine and where they fall short.

How to choose between Blogger And WordPress


Blogger and WordPress have their own importance. and are useful for certain types of users. However, what you’ll want to know is which one you should opt for.

Blogger is useful for those who have no investment and have no experience in blogging. If you want a very simple blogging platform and don’t want to pay anything to start your blogging life then blogger is the solution for you. and you won’t need to worry about hosting or any other technical considerations.

If you just need your blog to be a part of a larger website like a business site, E-commerce store, portfolio, etc then Blogger won’t provide the features you’ll need.

But if you can invest a little and want to explore the blogging field then you can go with WordPress. Installing and Stuping your blog on WordPress takes less than 1-hour and it’s designed to be beginner-friendly.


Choosing a platform between WordPress And Blogger isn’t a simple matter. There are other things to be considered. These two are the most common and best platform that you can start with.

here’s a quick recap of what you’ll need to know:

  • Blogger: It is free. A very simple and user-friendly platform by which you can start your blog in minutes. However, you will get limited customization option and fewer features.
  • WordPress: This needs little investment and little time to set up, Investment for Domain and hositng purchase. But it is also easy to use and it gives a professional look and feels to the users. In addition, you will get lots of customization option and features that will improve your blog and website to grow.

So, Friends, I hope you understand the difference between WordPress Vs Blogger. If you have any suggestion then please make use of the comment section and tell your exitance.